So what exactly is a book coach?  And why do you need one?

Writing gets a bad rap.  I know from personal experience that it's not as easy thing to do. A good author needs a toolkit of skills and abilities to go from hazy idea to published book.  But I truly believe those are skills anyone can learn.  A book coach can help you in a variety of ways to build that toolkit.

What Is A Book Coach?

A book coach is someone who loves the written word -- and can help you in a lot of different ways to go from unpublished to published.

Here are some ways that a book coach can help you:

  • Brainstorm ideas for your book
  • Organize your ideas into a clear and compelling big idea
  • Create a totally do-able writing plan
  • Get you unstuck when the writing muse has left you
  • Re-purpose other content you've written into a book

Brainstorm Ideas For Your Book

A book is built on words.  And words are built on ideas.  As you start your writing journey, you are going to need to brainstorm how you want to approach your topic.  Are you describing a process that needs to be written sequentially, with easy-to-follow instructions?  Or are you sharing a deeply personal subject in a memoir?  Thinking about how you want to structure your ideas will be important -- and essential to how your audience will react.

A book coach can help you brainstorm ideas and create a mindmap of possibilities.

Organize Your Ideas

Maybe you have so much you want to say that you don't know where to start.  That is a great problem to have!

You can write about anything, but you can't write about everything.  A book coach can help you determine the three fundamental pieces you need to consider:  topic, audience and message.

Your topic can literally be anything.  But it should be something that you are passionate about  -- and can stay passionate about!  If you're writing a book, there are a lot of pages to fill.  And those pages will feel infinite if you lose your passion for your topic.  A book coach can also help narrow your topic so it's more manageable.

Who's the audience for your content?  It's so important to know that before you start writing.  What are they like? What are they struggling with? How can you help them?

Finally, you need a clear message.  Your book coach can work with you to create a clear and consistent message for your specific audience.

Create a Writing Plan

If you are already creating a lot of content, are you confident that your message is consistent?  Let's say you have a blog about your addiction to coffee, but your Instagram posts are all about healthy eating.  What if someone in your blog audience thinks caffeine is wrong and stumbles across your Instagram? The mixed message might be a little confusing to your audience -- and may even cause them to pay less attention to your content.  Being consistent shows you are professional and trustworthy.

A content coach will make sure that you are being consistent across all of your communications by reviewing your content and making suggestions to hone your message.

Create a Content Library

Maybe you're someone who already has written a lot of blog posts.  But now you want to see if you can use that content in other ways?  For example, let's say you run a lifestyle blog.  You typically write about jewelry, makeup and fashion trends.  Your posts are about one of those three areas.

Now you are thinking about creating an online course on adapting the latest trends to your makeup and wardrobe.  What blog posts could you use to build that content library?  Having a content library, organized by topics you cover or want to cover, can make it really easy to maximize your content -- and monetize it.

As with brainstorming, a content coach can help you think about your content in new ways to open up new opportunities.

Re-Purpose Your Content

There are so many possibilities!  You don't always have to create new content in order to create new products for your audience.  Take one blog post and turn it into a checklist or worksheet.  Or take a series of blog posts and turn them into an book.  You can take an ebook and turn it into a course.

A content coach can help you re-purpose your content to get the maximum value out of what you write.  Turning that ebook into a course will require some clear learning objectives and maybe a quiz or two to make sure learning is occurring.  A content coach can help you strategize what you need.

It can be lonely being a blogger or author, and sometimes you need that extra brain to bounce ideas off of or think about something in a new way.  A content coach will show you how much fun it is to play with ideas -- and make sure you are achieving all of your goals.

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